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©1981 Victor Cicansky
©1981 Victor Cicansky

When the Government of Saskatchewan asked if I was interested in creating a new work for the Sturdy-Stone Centre in Saskatoon, I readily agreed.  An earlier work, The Old Working Class, hangs in the first floor of the building. I drove to Saskatoon to visit the old and check out the site of the new.

I got a cup of tea and a cinnamon bun and sat down where I could get a good view of The Old Working Class. As I sat there, I watched the people who worked on the first floor: the bakers in the bakery, the waitresses in the restaurant, grocery clerks in the mini-market. And there I got the idea for The New Working Class. These were the people who earned their way in the offices upstairs as secretaries, or in the bakery and cafeteria. Some were the construction workers who built the building.

The New Working Class completed the narrative I had begun with The Old Working Class and hangs, appropriately, seven floors above the first work. This commission was installed in the Sturdy-Stone Centre in 1981.


  ©1981 Victor Cicansky

©1981 Victor Cicansky

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