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Entrance to the Grow Regina Community Gardens

When I was asked by the Grow Regina Group if I would like to participate in their current project, I jumped at the opportunity. Regina has always been open to new ideas and here was a good one: to create a community garden of international significance that would “enhance the social, economic and cultural well-being of Regina residents through community gardening.” This is an exciting project and I was happy to be part of it.

My involvement in the project was to design a sculptural entrance for the Queen Street Pathway. The design and preparation for the entranceway has been completed and the sculptures were installed in August.

In addition, I was asked to design a gazebo that will be the centrepiece of the project. It will be a meeting place for the gardeners to meet, relax and share their garden stories. Ideally, the gazebo may also provide a venue for poetry readings, dance, musical performances and other cultural collaborations.

Once the full instalation has been completed, these sculptures will be donated to the City of Regina, as major public works for the City’s art collection.

  ©2010 Gary Robins
  ©2010 Gary Robins
©2010 Gary Robins
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