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The richness of a successful society depends on ordinary people who have ideas how to improve their community. Grow Regina Community Garden is one such idea: to create a community garden where horticulture and art are rooted in the soil.

Grow Regina's long-term vision is to develop the garden into a public meeting place. The newly-installed Cicansky Gazebo will provide a meeting place for gardeners, plus a unique cultural space for school classrooms, culinary demonstrations, workshops, performances and other cultural collaborations.

Inauguration of the Cicansky Co=op Gazebo
Entrance to the Grow Regina Community Garden   Cicansky entrance sculpture
More about the Gazebo Project
  The Cicansky Co-op Gazebo was finally installed in the centre of the Grow Regina Community Garden in May. Eleven years of planning and fundraising was boosted by a recent $90,000 Community Spaces award fron Federated Co-ops, along with support from the City of Regina and private donors.

About Grow Regina Community Garden

Grow Regina is a group of people gardening collectively who have a mandate from the from the City to enhance the social and economic and cultural well-being of Regina residents. The energy and inventiveness of this group makes it a standout as an inspiration, demonstrating what is possible when a group of gardeners come together to grow food for themselves and others. It’s a model for school yards, for backyards and even front yards and other spaces in the city.

Elementary school classes are also involved, learning how to plant and tend a vegetable garden. As committed young citizens, they donate their harvest to the Regina Food Bank, providing families and children like themselves with good food with for healthy bodies and minds.

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