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Up From Garlic Flats

"Our houses were simple and functional. We planted big gardens and we ate well. Our hands were always making things. The prairie landscape and my love of gardening shaped my life and how I look at the world and how I express myself through art. And that is part of this story too."

Up From Garlic Flats
by Vic Cicansky, published by Radiant Press, June 2019
Available in fine bookstores everywhere, or online.

Garden of Art

"Elegant, surreal, erotic, ecological, autobiographical, perpetual, populist, comic!" These are the words that describe the work of noted Regina sculptor Victor Cicansky. The book celebrates the voice, life, and art of this prolific prairie-based artist.

The Garden of Art: Vic Cicansky, Sculptor
by Don Kerr, published by University of Calgary Press, October 2004
ISBN-10: 1552381226, ISBN-13: 978-1552381229

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