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To the Garden!

The power of Victor Cicansky’s sculptures result from the intimate relationship the artist has with the art of gardening. When emulated in clay and bronze with his carefully attention to detail Cicansky’s enhances the often overlooked beauty of common fruits and vegetables. This effective use of materials accentuates the dependency of humanity on produce and allows the sculptures to speak to the delicate and fleeting existence of the bounty of the harvest.

Victor Cicansky’s bronze and ceramic sculptures have been exhibited extensively across Canada, the United States, Japan, and Europe and his work is found in numerous museum and corporate collections including:  the Mendel Art Gallery (Saskatoon), Montreal Museum of Fine Art, Museum of Fine Arts (Tokyo), the National Gallery of Canada, RBC Financial Group and Shaw Communications Inc.

At the Slate Fine Art Gallery in Regina
October 24 to November 17, 2013

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