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Victor Cicansky often likes to tell his life story through art, and his newest exhibition, Generations, tells stories across four generations of family members. The Slate Fine Art Gallery in Regina opened a new show in mid-October with artwork from Victor's family, including his father Frank Cicansky, also an artist who encouraged Victor's artistry with an emphasis on hands-on work in what he called a "creative environment."

Victor's father used to draw and tell stories, often reiterating real life experiences in his pictures. As Victor explained recently to CBC's Shauna Powers, "One of my brothers came home and said, 'So and so was throwing rocks at me.' My dad [sat] down and [drew] a little picture of a boy running and another boy throwing rocks." Memories like these helped Victor to assemble an exhibition "about life, it's about the things that you do, it's about things that interest you … I'm hoping this show does a little bit of that at least."

And his life includes his children and grandchildren, whose artistic expressions are also being shown at the exhibit. "They're curious and [interested] to learn," he said. "I'm hoping that this show [will] encourage people to think more seriously about kids' art."

Beyond displaying generations of his family's art, Victor told Powers that he wants to bring light to art education. He said it's not given the importance it deserves. "We live right now in an art ecology where there's a drought. Not much is done to support the arts, that's the real problem," he said. "What we need are creative thinkers. The people who get involved in the arts think differently … you come up with interesting ideas and interesting solutions."

Victor's stories are told through his often bronze and ceramic sculptures, a medium he has showcased across Canada and beyond. His inspiration is drawn from personal experience, but often told through colourful creations of nature and produce. Victor's love of fruits and vegetables is pulled from his passion for gardening. Earlier this year, a gazebo built with his artistic touch was installed at McLeod Park in the Grow Regina community garden.


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